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Hey everyone. I'm not sure if I'm in the right place but long story short. I recently purchased a 2014 focus with 97,000 km on it . The overall condition looked good ,only one owner . "Mechanically sound" . Passed all tests that should say it's fit to drive.

However the same day I drove it off the lot it stalled on me. Complete loss of power with the inability to restart. The stall was quite weird and it shocked the wife and I. Basically the car shuddered and the rpm was having a hard time staying up. Called up the dealer and he came by personally to check it. At that point the car did work fine and we just thought it was some kind of glitch.

A week later after driving without issues it does the same thing again. Car shakes as if trying to keep rpms up then loses power. It's also unable to restart
fully at this point without stalling shorty , and cranks are long . This time dealer had it towed to their shop to get looked at. After a week of not having the car, the codes pointed to a bad O2 sensor. Dealer ordered part and replaced it no charge.

Picked it up ,but after a week of driving the same thing happens while trying to pull out a parking lot. However this time after letting it sit for 30 minutes or so I was able to letget it stable enough to drive. Dealer sent someone to come check it on spot and we drove it back to their car lot again.

This time however he suspected it has something to do with the recall and told me he would bring it to Ford.

He did do just that but now here's the frustrating part. After a week of waiting for Ford to look at it the only thing done to it was update the PCM software. Which I know only allows the computer to detect a stuck purge valve but not actually fix it. The ford mechanic did not replace the purge valve because he didn't see any engine codes. The CEL had reset when it got to Ford and Despite trying to trigger it for days the engine light did not come on so he couldn't perform the full recall process. So only thing I could do was pick it up and drive it till an engine light comes on.
Well it didn't take long I tell you. I literally drove not even 10 mins away and boom light goes on..
For crying out loud! I wish they would have just replaced the purge valve and it probably would be fine !!

After I saw the light I called Ford and made another appointment and brought it back to my dealer to ask them to handle driving it to the Ford dealer which is not even 5 mins from them. The guy was kind enough to help me with that because I need to work that day and have no time.

But I'm a bit frustrated . I'm spending so much on bus tickets and paying for a car I cannot even use..

So I guess my question is, based on what you read. Does it sound like the recall issue ? Or something worse?? Anyone have same experience ?
I don't think it's the transmission , I know it feels weird because of the dual clutch automatic but I used to drive manual so I know the way it feels is normal for a manual transmission (that's automated lol) . Sometimes it does feel like the acceleration is sluggish but I know it's because the computer sucks at downshifting properly. I'll probably just drive it in S mode once it's fixed so I can control the shifts myself.

But I'm really thinking the purge valve is just dying and needs replacement. How can I get Ford to replace this if I don't have the engine codes for it?
I'm afraid the current code isn't even purge valve related so they won't do the recall fix.
Do I just have to wait till I freaking stall again till they do it ?? That's scary.

Thank you in advance for any responses.
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