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I got a set off Ebay for 269.50 shipped. 17x7 +59.5 offset, Im looking to put 215-45-17s. I think some of you are running ST200s, Ive got a few questions:

1. What center cap options do I have? Im guessing stock ZX3 or SVT, any others?
2. Im running SVT springs up front, Progress 1.8 rear, any problems with 215-45-17s?
3. If I install the Progress 1.8 up front, any problems with 215-45-17s.
4. Will the lugnuts off my stock 16s work with the 17s?

As soon as I get the ST200s on my ZX3, my stock 16s go on my wifes SE, her stock 15s become my winter rims.

I really like the look of the ST200s, I cant wait, it feels like xmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1.stock 16" zx3 caps
2. shouldn't, but you'll get more tire patch with a set of 40's
3. same as #2
4. yes

*your offset is 49.5 mm which is the same as the SVT. I ran 215 40 17's with these rims and a 1.5" drop without rubbing. B/c of the good offset, the tire stays away from the finder lip. The 40's will give you some more clearance and more contact patch. These are very nice rims. There is no better deal on Focus rims out there.
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