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I have just completed the swap on my 2007 ST. Took me about 30 minutes after the wheels are off.

Here is some information that I came across completing this swap:

You can swap over the rubber bushing and hardware, ex: vib spring, and bolts. You will need, obviously, new pads and rotors for the SVT. I painted mine before install and gave them a once over. I pulled out the piston and all checked out fine. Remember that if you are going to pop the piston out that it can be a violent pop so be careful. I used air to blow the piston out. Then I checked the piston, rubber boot, and seal on the inside. To put it back required two people, for me atleast, to stretch the boot enough to put piston back in the caliper. Remember to have some brake fluid ready to lube the piston and seal before it goes back inside the caliper.

Many people have been having problems completing this swap for some reason.

This swap CAN NOT be completed by only swapping in SVT Calipers. You NEED both the SVT Caliper Mounts and SVT Calipers to make this work properly. Otherwise it won't assemble at all.

Here is whats needed:

- 7mm Allen Wrench
- 9mm Wrench to bleed brakes
- 15mm Wrench
- Flathead Screwdriver
- Tire Iron to remove wheels
- Brake Cleaner Spray
- Brake Fluid
- SVT Front Calipers
- SVT Front Caliper Mounts
- SVT Rotors & Pads of your choice

So all that is required to do is:

1. Loosen front wheel lugs, LOOSEN ONLY ABOUT A 1/2 TURN!!!!

2. Jack up the front of ther car and place on jack stands. Remove the lugs and wheels. Place to the side.

3. Pop off the rubber bushing plastic end covers on the back of caliper with fingers. Place to the side.

4. Loosen the 7mm Allen head studs (Caliper Mount Studs) and place to the side.

5. Remove Vibration Spring with a flat head screwdriver
**Spring is under slight tension and can cause injury so be careful dammit!!!**

6. Pull caliper off of the mount and Hang off to the side. Do NOT let it hang by the hose!

7. Remove Caliper Mount by removing 2-15mm Bolts from behind the mount. Remove from car.

8. Remove Rotor (Tap face where wheel studs protrude thru with hammer if needed)

9. Remove the rubber bushings w/ studs from ST caliper. Remove studs from bushings and place to the side.

10. Install Rubber Bushings in SVT calipers.

11. Loosen Brake line on ST caliper with 15mm wrench. Hold the line straight up so not to loose much fluid. Place ST caliper off to the side. Then attach the SVT Caliper (they have designated sides so be careful!) and re-hang caliper.

12. Install new SVT rotor, screw lug nut on to wheel stud to secure rotor. Clean both sides of the rotor with brake cleaner spray.

13. Install SVT Caliper mount with the 2-15mm Bolts removed earlier.

14. Install Front SVT brake pad (w/o clips) on the front of the rotor in its designated slot on the SVT caliper mount. Apply anti-squel compound to fornt pad.

15. Apply Anti-Squel compound to back of rear brake pad (w/ clips) and install into SVT caliper piston. Pinch clips if needed to help with pad installation.

16. Place Caliper (w/ rear pad installed) onto Caliper Mount. Make sure the front pad is inside the caliper too!

17. Put Brake grease/lube on caliper mount studs and install back thru the bushings into the Caliper Mount. Align Caliper Studs w/ holes on Caliper mount and tighten.

18. Install plastic caps back onto the rubber bushing ends. Re-spray rotors to remove grease, fingerprints and such. Then your Finished!!!! Congrats!!![drinking]

By this time the whole Brake Assembly should be all together. All you need to do now is Bleed the Brakes. I am not about to write that whole thing up.


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ok but... is it not a 7mm allen?
Yes you are right Illinipo... For some reason 9mm was stuck in my head because I couldn't find a 9mm wrench to bleed the brakes.

Info changed to 7mm Allen Wrench...
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