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ST-SVT ? help

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Today I phoned my local Ford dealer to get a ST suspension. Mike from Hilbish Ford advised me to get the ST suspension set up for my 07 se.
Now I'm guessing but it seems that the SVT doesn't fit beyond somewhere
during the 06 production run of the Focus. From then on, at least for 07's, the ST is the suspension upgrade from Ford before the racing parts upgrade in terms of ride control(stiffness). The local Ford dealer parts guy told me to go to Ford That site showed the race parts. Another site directed me to FordPerformance for the ST suspension. The FordPerf. site is down until 10/15/08 10a.m. eastern time.
I am a newbe with the Focus and am looking to upgrade my 07 se to the equivalent of the SVT spring/damper package. What is the real info.
needed to do the job??
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the svt and the svt suspension i have heard is the same set up....but the 06+ are just a different shock in the front
You mean ST and SVT?

The ST has the same shocks and swaybars as the SVT, but has taller and softer springs. The ST has the same nominal ride height as an 05-06 SE/SES, unlike the SVTs, which were lower. However, I'm not sure how the ST's spring rates compare to an 05-06 SE/SES or an 07+ Focus- I just know they're softer than an SVT.

BTW I haven't looked into the prices because I don't have to deal with the 06+ suspension issue, but I agree that you should consider piecemealing the shocks, springs, and swaybars rather than buying the SVT kit and the adapter kit.
By the way, the ST and the SVT DO NOT share the same compenents. I have argued this before and can prove it.
What's different?
What's different?
Yeah, yeah, I'm replying to my own post. [thumb]

I decided to cut through all the contradictory info I'm finding on the web about the swaybars. I crawled under my car and measured them. [:)] My ST is wearing a 20mm rear bar, not a 21mm bar like an SVT.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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