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St questions...before purchase

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Hi Guys. I'd like to pick your brain about the equipment that's available with the ST. Currently I have a Ti 5 door hatch with the handling package and every conceivable option. I like to be comfortable and I'm one of those persons who enjoys technology in my cars. So while I was on the Ford website, using the Build Your Own feature, my loaded out ST rang up at $30,270 before discounts and rebates which brought the total down to about $28,270. As I was looking at the features I noticed there appears to be a few items not available on the ST that is available on my Ti.

They are: Back-up camera, Rear Parking Sensors and Remote Start.

I can understand remote start not being an option given that the car is a manual transmission, but I was surprised the others are not listed as options. Am I wrong? Are these options and maybe I just missed it?
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The features mentioned are not available on the 2014.
All 2015 ST WILL include a back up camera.
For the other two.. I do not know if they can be had in a 2015 ST or not.
Certainly self parallel parking will not be a feature. (at least i am pretty certain not.. but who knows for certain?)
Until the Ford site show 2015 Focus and the ability to build them, hard to say exactly what the features will be,

The St3 Recaro seats are really the coolest bling not on the Ti.

I have had my 2014 St for only a week. And i love the seats. the rest of the bling you probably have. Except the 252 hp. ?(and manual tranny?)
One reason I wanted the 2014 was no camera, and the original steering wheel. It is really nice.

I came from a 2012 SE manual tranny Focus. So my new car is very much like my old one except for the lower mpg.. And stiffer ride. And super seating. My old seats were like a park bench compared to the full leather recaros.

I was going to at first buy the ST1 (no Recaro) But I bought the 202a package just for the seats. The nav, heated seats, upgraded stereo all do not matter to me much. Nor do the HID headlights.
What I like are the ride, the seats, the motor. The snarl in the grill. I am supposed to have front license plate.. no way will i cover up that glorious snarl of a grill.
I have my front plate tied to the passenger visor.

Main downside is the tiny numbers in the speedometer. hard to keep under the 'ticket' speeds.. LOL
I look at other folks driving and I am going faster, so I know I am in ticket territory.. but I hardly WANT to notice..
I struggle to stay at the speed limit, even though i am usually trying to drive slow, accelerate with the tach only up to 2K to shift...

The ride is not for everyone. If you love a sport car ride. feel every road irregularity. then you will love the ST. If you want to be not feeling it. big mistake. IMO. I think the dealer had lower tire pressure in the car I test drove. because no way was it a firm as my own ST. (now with a brand new car, and the cold weather, these things may be playing a role. but my new ST is really firm, like lowered sport springs firm. I am not complaining. but if you want to be comfortable.. The ST ride is not 'comfortable'.. (it is not a luxury sport car, it is just a real sport car) it is not jarring, but i feel the road. no question. (smooth freeways are nice and smooth though)

The ST feels more like a 'driving enthusiast car' than any other car I have driven in YEARS. And light years ahead of my last sport sedan, a Contour SVT.

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Thanks for the feedback. Since I did not see Back-up camera, Rear Parking Sensors and Remote Start as options, I'm going to assume they are not available, but they absolutely should be. I'm weighing out my options.

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Thanks for the feedback. Since I did not see Back-up camera, Rear Parking Sensors and Remote Start as options, I'm going to assume they are not available, but they absolutely should be. I'm weighing out my options.
The back up sensors are not available on any ST. The back up camera is supposed to be available if not standard by the delayed mandate/law for 2015. Remote start is also not available from Ford due to the liability in installing it on a manual car. There are aftermarket systems available, but depending on how they set it up there are inherent risks.

None of those features would drive me to buy a Titanium with DCT over the ST personally.

Here is the latest order guide for the 2015 Focus ST. The current car is not available for ordering, but your dealer may be able to still get stock as they were still building the current car if that's what your heart desires.
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