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Ford Focus 2017 S 2.0
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Hi Everyone.
First of all - sorry for my English 馃檪

I bought used Ford Focus S 2017 2.0 (flex-fuel).
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Currently, Ground Clearance is too low for me (~12 centimeters) and it seems that the front side of my car is lower than the rear side.
In my country roads are not so good, so I want to increase clearance to ~15 centimeters by replacing struts/spring.

I found that in different Ford Focus versions (S/SE/Titanium) the ground clearance may be different.

So, I'm looking for replacing my struts + spring to increase clearance.
I need your help here, as there are many kinds of springs and struts for FF.
Kindly asking you for help :)

My VIN is 1FADP3E29HL253472

There are several questions from me:
1. Can somebody provide info regarding ground clearance? In what model it is 'higher'?
2.There are several numbers for struts, and it seems it depends on suspension type.
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Are there any differences in ground clearance in depends of suspension type? Is touring higher than standard?
Can I install any type on these struts on my FF?

3. The same question for the springs
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I read the topic here 2014 Ford Focus SE spring comparison... but I still not sure, what springs I need to by.
Which Springs is better to install if I want to increase ground clearance?

Not so much, just want to increase it from 12 centimeters to ~15

I also found assembled struts from Monroe (already with springs) for FF 2013-2015
MONROE 172907
MONROE 172908
Does somebody wear them? Are they better than OEM Motorcraft? I mean, can they increase clearance?
Are they applicable for my FF 2017?

Sorry for my English again.
Thanks for any help.
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