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Spring Cleanout-updated

Updated 04/09/15 parts sold deleted
Updated 03/06/15 parts sold deleted
Updated 03/05/15 parts sold deleted
Updated: 03/02/15 parts sold deleted
Location:Bergen County NJ
Selling: Me
Contact: PM or [email protected]
Pics on the link below
Stuff laying around For Sale:

- spare tire 4x114mm 15" 125/70/15 never used $30
-svt rear spindle/knuckle $40+ship
-svt wheel center caps x 3 $20+ship
-svt sonic blue wing $60+ship
-cervinis kit piaa fog light $20+ship
-pair zx3 door cards $20+ship (mint)
-zx4/zx5 SUN shades $30 shipped
-zetec OEM air intake complete $20+ship
-focus zx3 tails $40+ship
-00-04 sedan tails oem+depo $25+ship
-e55/eap/mach projector $20+ship
-eap/mach ignator $20+ship
-eap/mach drv side insert bleached black $20+ship
-eap/mach headlight parts ask
-philips d2s hid bulbs $30shipped
-osram d2s xenarc nightbreaker pair $100 shipped ($200 new)
-bfgoodrich g-force 215/45/17 80% life left $50+ship
-general g-max 215/45/17 80% life left $50+ship
-pair Firestone Firehawk wide oval 215/45/17 (one almost new, the other 90%) $100+ship

-BNIB fel pro tcs 46015 zetec front engine seal kit $15
-00-04 OEM dogbone engine mount ~30k mile $20+ship
-svt valve cover[partly sanded] $60+ship
-svt small gauge+ bazel $30+ship
-zetec tminig tools new $15+ship
-belt tensioner spi new $20 shipped
-focus starter auto trans $30+ship
-spi passenger mount new $15+ship
-spi maf $10 shipped
-spi passenger mount oem used $10+ship
-spi alternator $20+ship
-zetec t-stat w housing w new gasket $10+ship
-zetec passenger eng. mount ford $30+ship
-complete air bag srs system 00-04 $80+ship
-svt srs module $15 each [unknown condition]

-handbrake 00-04 $10+ship
-sedan 3rd brake light $10+ship

-turn signal swith $10+ship
-wiper switch $10+ship
-headlight switch w fogs $15 shipped
-headlight switch no fogs $10 shipped
-mirror switch w bazel $10 shipped
-IAC valve $25 shipped
-zx3 shift knob+leather+lock $18 shipped

-aftermarket shift knob alu+leather $20 shipped
-rear hatch latch $30 shipped
-hood hinges $15 shipped (new/used)

-fan resistors $10 each shipped
-headlinder light/switch $15 shipped
-AT trans handle/lever $10 shipped
-zetec intake cowl $10 shipped
-window switches $10 shipped
-00-04 EGR system $20+ship
-00-04 dash vents $15+ship
-fans harness $15+ship
-rear wiper motor $15+ship

-interior plastics ask
-sockets/harnesses ask
-wiring ask

Ill update pics once im done sorting the parts.
Im interested in some 16" wheels with or without tires.
Also I need svt handbrake cables.

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Just found your post re: Spring clean-out. Have read entire list, and I need the driver's side mirror. Is it from a SVT, is swing away, heated mirror glass, and what color of cap is on it? Is it working OK, not too scratched up? LMK, and possible send pics to: [email protected]. Shipping will be to So CAL, 92120. LMK

Vince your Moderator
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Good God!!!

Things are selling at a record pace LOLz

I need BOOOOST!!!!!!
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The g tires. Pair or single tires?

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Its old list I need to update/sort it out, sorry pals. Im uploading pics to photobucket, its not all complete.
Mirror is stock one non svt, I know one of them was heated, I need to check which one I have left.
-I only have one g-force tire..

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Some pucker broke the mirror on my friends focus. I gave the mirror to him. I have 2broken mirrors (at mount point) if some1 needs them for something (caps,motors,glass,etc) otherwise they go to garbage.

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Somebody kicked the mirror on the other car, I need one too. Had the mirrors for 4yrs once I soldthem I need one too [:(!]
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