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Splash guards. Yay or nay? What about bug deflectors?

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I had no idea splash guards were such heated debate material. People are going both ways, especially since some claim that it reduces MPG, whereas other people say it doesn't. Some people claim that for cars like our FF, there's no real impact to protecting the paint of the car. Others, obviously, argue the opposite.

I was thinking about buying the OEM ones from Ford since we get a vendor discount here. Is it worth buying? I have about a 75 mile commute each day, 90% on the freeway. The roads on a big stretch of the freeway is in poor condition.

Would this be worth it for me?

And what about the OEM bug deflector for the hood? Does it really protect the windshield and hood against bugs/rocks? Or is it mostly a gimmicky thing?

First new car and I'm trying to sort out between fact and fiction. :p
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After I've driven my Oxford White hatchback in the rain, the top of the back bumper and lower portion of the hatch are filthy from road splash. Do rear splash guards help in reducing the amount of road dirt on these areas?
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