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Splash guards. Yay or nay? What about bug deflectors?

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I had no idea splash guards were such heated debate material. People are going both ways, especially since some claim that it reduces MPG, whereas other people say it doesn't. Some people claim that for cars like our FF, there's no real impact to protecting the paint of the car. Others, obviously, argue the opposite.

I was thinking about buying the OEM ones from Ford since we get a vendor discount here. Is it worth buying? I have about a 75 mile commute each day, 90% on the freeway. The roads on a big stretch of the freeway is in poor condition.

Would this be worth it for me?

And what about the OEM bug deflector for the hood? Does it really protect the windshield and hood against bugs/rocks? Or is it mostly a gimmicky thing?

First new car and I'm trying to sort out between fact and fiction. :p
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Remember that bug deflector is permanent. You DRILL HOLES in the hood to install it. It WILL reduce your resale value. as most second owners will never want it on the car. And it cannot easliy removed either.
I would guess it is one of the 'all time nerd' devices.. ever.
Maybe if you owned a 1970's full size station wagon, and had a family of seven...
For a sport hatch? no.

As for the splash guards, it is a personal thing.
I would not, but then I never drive on gravel.
Gravel or really poor roads yes the splash guards will protect your paint job.
If you never see those, then the splash guards are not going to matter for your paint.
For rain? they may be slightly/somewhat better as far as how much road water spray is kept off the paint.
As for MPG? minor, trivial.

Splash guards some folks like the look. Some do not.
totally personal.
For me? never bother. (also a negative on splash guards in snow.. If you drive over snowbanks/snowdrifts.. That may rip your splashguards right off.. Leaving them dangling half way, and damaging the car body too.)
Ah, good points all around!

If it indeed needs to be drilled, I'll pass on it. I don't know how long I'll be keeping the car, but if it drops resale value, then it's something I need to consider.

Splash guards are never going to touch the snow. If not for a random out of state trip, I would have never seen snow in the flesh.

But I am concerned about the gravel on some of the roads, especially where there are potholes and loose things stirring underneath. I suppose if that doesn't require drilling and the holes to hold the guards in place are already there, then it might not be such a bad idea in my case.

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Splash guards are a must for me since you never know what lies on the road ahead literally and figuratively and they have little to zero affect on MPGs. Even on good roads little debris can still ding your paint up. I'm not so big on the giant rally flaps people put on their MK3s but the OEM guards look good and don't stick out like a sore thumb.

That's my train of thought as well. As long as the impact to MPG is negligible, I wouldn't mind having them. I like the minimalist look of the OEM version.

Did your SE already have the holes drilled or did you have to get them installed/do them yourself?
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