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I put mine and a friend's gauges in last night. Mine, because I had previously f*$&ed them up, have a small piece cut out on the TACH side but my friend's went in flawlessly. Thanks go out to S2 for helping (though I'm not sure he realizes it... I just read his previous posts) on where to tap into for power.

A problem... actually 2 problems... that I have are as follows.

The odometer no longer lights up. This isn't THAT big of a deal, because now it doesn't glow poop-green while everything else is a nice blue color. Any ideas what happened? Has this happened to anyone else?

Secondly, when it's on the "blue" color... I hear a very VERY faint whining. Like an electrical noise issue. It goes off when I switch to the "Green" or when it's off all together. What about this? Anyone else notice?

Really, the only reason I notice it at all is because my RADIO is currently giving me issues as well... so I have no music and I can nitpick about different sounds my car makes. Which reminds me.. I have to get that stupid Cat heat shield tightened down....

Oh, and third...

I didn't change out the SVT AUX gauges.... I need a star bit. Do you know what size it is? The smallest I had was a T15, and it was way too big. Is it a T5? Or something special?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'll post pics when I'm done.
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