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spark plug might be stripped

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so i was changing my spark plugs and it felt like 1 was stripping out.. so i tightened it back down. im not sure what to do with that spark plug now...
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Try a little oil down the hole next time you try, and screw it in & out to loosen when it seems to get tighter.

They can feel pretty bad if never lubed & been in a while, I like a bit of never seize to help when replacing them (and 100,000 is too long to leave them untouched IMHO).

Very dry and not out for a long time can feel scary, hope that's the whole problem. Sometimes a bit of carbon on the end can make them tighter, the movement back & forth helps break that loose.

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I'd definitely recommend spraying a bit of penetrating oil down in there to loosen things but but I don't think you have anything to worry about. You shouldn't be stripping anything if it's being removed.
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