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I own a Ford Focus 2013 SE Sedan, and this summer, I will be upgrading my sound system. I have already purchased pretty much everything I think I will need. I will be keeping the stock head unit. Here's the equipment I will be installing:

- Infinity Kappa 60.11cs - two pairs - I will be making holes in the rear door panels to accommodate the new set of tweeters.
- Pioneer GM-D8604
- Pioneer GM-D8601
- Kicker 40TCWS102 (didn't want to sacrifice a lot of my trunk space)
- LC6i (not sure why everyone says it is an overkill)

I am not sure exactly where I will be installing the amplifiers. I am thinking of installing the amps where the Titanium version of focuses have their amps installed. Of course, I will be cutting a window on the carpet to allow ventilation. However, I am looking for potentially better alternatives.

I hope this entire combination works out to produce good quality sound. I am more interested in quality sound than loudness, though the speakers and the subwoofer ratings are on the loud side (IMO).

What I am worried about is the alternator... right now I have the stock alternator. I am not sure whether it will be able to power these new devices once everything is installed.

So... what's your opinion? Will this produce good quality sound? Will the alternator be fine?

Thanks in advance!


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You should be fine when it comes to the battery(as long as most of your listening is done with the car running). Class D amps are easier on the electrical system. I'd really consider a 1ga power and ground wiring kit. 4ga will work but, is cutting it close. Plus, make sure that your gains are set correctly, many overlook this point with installs.
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