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Update: Please use the SOTM Showroom to post your photos and information for SOTM events. The Showroom will be used as the primary resource for these events so members can browse through and make their nominations and votes.

1) You must have a minimum of 100 posts to enter.

2) Winners of SOTM are ineligible to run again for six months.

3) Nominations: I will only take the top ten nominations for the final voting. Members who wish to participate can post their pics and info in the showroom thread so other members can post their nominations in the nomination thread. I will count the number of nominations a member gets and use that to determine who will make it into the SOTM event , i.e. the more nominations you get, the better chance you have of continuing on to the SOTM Event. You can not nominate yourself and you can only nominate two members. Someone has to nominate you by saying "I nominate ________ and ________."

As part of the nomination process, if you want to be nominated, you will be required to post at least one pic in the SoTM Showroom. If no pic is submitted, I will not honor the nomination. Pics help add to the fun of the event.

4) You must be a member of Sedan Revolution.

5) Obviously, you must have a Sedan (had to say it).

6) Each nomination will be allowed no more than five(5) photos for their showroom post. (this is a general rule and special instructions will be placed in the showroom that will be pertinent to the subject of the event)

7) Do not use My Space or any other web site that requires a member to register. It is recommended to either upload photos using the direct links provided through a third party imaging site, such as Photobucket. You could also upload photos into the FF Gallery located HERE. Be advised, photos being loaded into the Gallery will take a little bit of time as they have to be approved by the moderating team. Don't let that discourage you, though. [thumb]

8) The standard timeline will be as follows:

A) Nominations will be from the 16th to the end of the month prior. For example, for SOTM for December, the nominations will
start on 16 November and go through 30 November.

B) SOTM Voting Poll will run from the 1st through 15th of the event month. For example, the December SOTM voting
will start on 1 December and go through 15 December.

February is the exception to the rule as it's the short month. The timeline will be the same, but nominations will simply end on the 28th.

9) Each nominee will provide the following information on their rides:

1) Member`s location

2) Year/Model of Sedan

3) Color of Sedan

4) List the following ``Modifications``:

a. Engine Performance
b. Handling Performance (suspension, brakes, tires, etc)
c. Exterior
d. Interior
e. I.C.E. (In Car Electronics)
f. Engine Dress Up
g. Miscellaneous

I will still take and fill requests for members asking for a Sedan Revolution number, but they will not be eligible to participate in a current SOTM event once it's started, this includes the nomination phase. The member will be elible for future SOTM events, however.
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