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I'm really interested in this for a 2015 Focus SE, but the same ideas should apply to a 2012-up …

(For background, 2015 moves the door lock switch to the door panels (so the Metra dash kit won't work) and adds a Rear View Camera display to the small MFD for the radio).

The radio layout (for 2015) is somewhat improved, but still not ideal. As I understand it:
  • The stock radio display is fairly boring. With Sirius, I can get decent variety and I can probably live with it, but it wouldn't be my first choice.
  • Aftermarket is an issue. On the 2014, I could install a Pioneer touchscreen, but I would lose SYNC (without a separate add-on and rear-panel inputs) and the Metra dash kit illumination is red when the car is blue, and the kits are expensive (more to come). Idatalink Maestro has a nice kit for the Mustang, but it has some limitations, and only tends to work with some Kenwood head units, and is expensive and not available for the Focus. As of now, the Metra kit for the 2012-2014 will not work with the 2015 b/c it re-uses the center door lock switch and that was relocated (which is a GOOD thing).
  • There are some decent looking Chinese radios - - but they won't work for 2015's (yet) and the radio display is rather plain and they do not support Sirius.
  • The OEM Sony radio looks good, but on the 2014, you can only get it with the SE appearance package for around $3500 - but I think I like the display of it. (From what I can tell for the 2015, you have to buy the $2000 SE appearance package, and THEN the $1100 or so Sony package which includes the dual-zone climate control. It ends up being around $100 more than the Titanium, but I like the wheels with the SE appearance package better than the base model Titanium wheels.

Question - Does anyone know if the Sony radio would be compatible with the SE or what would be required to install it? I searched and found a few threads where others had asked, but none where anyone had actually bitten the bullet and done it.

Wiring Diagrams -

I think I would need:

Big unknown is how/if the system will work - the Sony MFT system is designed to work with the dual zone climate control and you can't order it new without that, so I'm not sure if it would work with the manual climate control or throw up an error. (I realize I couldn't change climate control settings with it - but not sure if they would be grayed out, be accessible but not work, or if it would throw up an error code that the ATC module was missing). My gut feeling is that since you need Focccus to install fog lights, it likely won't work. Would it work with Focccus?

Cost is $622 plus the switch and wiring. I will get a lot of flack for putting junkyard parts in a brand new car, but it is still a lot less than the $5000 price difference to get a Titanium, and I'd rather not have leather or the 17-inch wheels, so …

And on further thought - if I went aftermarket on a 2014:
Subtotal - $661, and to keep Sync:
Total - $785. (Looking more carefully, I don't think the XSVI-5524-NAV is required if I use the ADBOX2 and the AFDF02, so I can save $34 and take a $13 discount on the harness) - Revised total - $738.

All of the above gets me the following limitations:
  • Won't work on the 2015 due to the re-designed hazard switch.
  • I lose the ability to customize some settings (Lights on delay after power off, for example) that can be set through the head unit. (Maybe not - I think Metra allows that with the added buttons and the small screen, but it doesn't look as seamless as it does with the Sony MFT.)
  • Still have BOTH the small MFD (rarely used) and the large radio screen.
  • Has red button illumination even though the rest of the car is blue (hopefully the 2015 kit will fix this.)
  • Metra rubberized buttons look cheesy and cheap (IMHO).
  • Rear View camera input is lost (or might work on the OEM display - not sure as it wasn't an option in 2014) - easiest solution would be to splice wiring and replace the OEM RVC with a $30 aftermarket RVC using the Pioneer display.
  • Probably slower access/index times for USB playback - not positive of this, but based on the JVC in my 2002 Focus and the SYNC system in our newer Focus and MKS, I think that is the case.
  • SYNC is somewhat cobbled together - i.e. I can either:
  • Plug my USB stick into the Pioneer connector. I can select songs with the Pioneer head unit and see album art and titles, but the little OEM MFD will not show any input, and I can't access these files by SYNC, OR:
  • Plug my USB stick into the OEM port in the center console, and SYNC will work with those files, but I will only see artist and title info on the small OEM MFD screen - the Pioneer will just show "REAR AUDIO IN". (And I probably have to manually select that on the Pioneer also)
  • I could use two USB sticks and access my files either way, but I can't do like the Sony where I can say "Play Artist RUSH" and see album art on the large screen.

Based on the above, the Sony system at $700 is looking like a bargain in comparison, if it can be made to work!!!

Anyone know if it can be done? - thoughts, guesses???

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I'll be honest, I am very interested in hearing what someone has to say about this. This was the only thing I wanted but was unable to get in my used 2013 ford focus purchase.
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