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Someone please help me out with this suspension problem

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Ok, I'm getting a God awful metal on metal clanking noise at random times in my 02 SVTf. I think I have found the culpret but I'm unsure what to do about it. Here's a picture of the driver's side shock/strut(?) mount:

And here's a picture of what the passenger side looks like and where the problem lies (I think)[confused] :

Notice how it is not seated down in the middle like the driver's side. I tried turning both the nut and the shaft part with an allen head wrench, but neither appears to make it go back into place...

Anyone help a brotha out? [ffrocks]
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^^ X2. The allen wrench is used to hold the shaft still while you tighten the retaining nut. It should be up higher than that- both sides should match. If you recently had struts changed, then someone didn't tighten that side. If your struts are 50k old, you should probably go ahead and replace the struts and strut bearings.
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