I have been searching all over the country for over a year now, with absolutely no luck. I need the main engine computer wiring harness for an 06' ZX3 2.0 5spd. You would not think it would be this hard but I can't find one anywhere I was going to try 1 for an automatic and just rewire until I realized how much rewiring it actually entailed. I like most guy's I know just aren't into wiring. I work in automotive and nobody will touch it. It's seriously breaking my heart to see my girl rot away in my driveway. I need to get her back on the road. Somebody please help! What are some year's that are interchangeable? I have a 03 ZX5 with a 5spd going up for auction at my work I can probably pick up for $50, but is the wiring harness going to work? I have been reading on it for some time and some say yes, some say no. I figured this would be the place to most likely get the real answer. It seems to be from what I've gathered the 05 06 07 focus were transition year's from mk1 to mk2 and as such are not interchangeable with other year's. I also happen to have the S trim package which means it came with nothing it's manual everything no luxuries whatsoever. I don't know if that helps or hurts me in this situation. But I've gone on long enough. Any help suggestions anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!