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So....its that time of year where solo 2 is coming up...and I need some new street tires....

I will have 2 sets of rims (one set for everyday driving, the other for auto x). What I need help picking right now, is something for everyday driving.

This is for an 05 zx3 with steelies ;)

Needing something decent for everyday, decent tread life and sidewall...and not a lot of noise....

I was looking at tirerack and the best seller for the stock rim size is the Kumho ECSA ASX. They appear to be OK and people have reviewed them as good....

I am currently at 18K miles on my focus, and the tires I have currently I think will last me until 25K miles.

What would you folks suggest for decent summer street tires? I will have dedicated winter tires this year as well so I dont think I need all seasons ;)
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