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I pulled this from another forum, I feel this is great knowledge for all pertaining to modding our cars.


WA tint

max 35% blocked/65% visible - driver/passenger windows & back windows (RCW 46.37.430 (5)(a))
1 layer of material per window only (RCW 46.37.430 (5)(a))
top 6 inches of windshield darker is ok (RCW 46.37.430 (5)(c))
clear (ONLY!) UV-resistant film on the windshield is ok (RCW 46.37.430 (5)(c))
must be able to see 200 ft to the rear through side-mirrors (RCW 46.37.430 (5)(d))
no mirrored material (RCW 46.37.430 (5)(e)(i))
no red, gold, yellow, or black material (RCW 46.37.430 (5)(e)(ii))
no liquid application spray or brush (RCW 46.37.430 (5)(e)(iii))

WA turn signals (front)

must emit amber light (RCW 46.37.200 (1))
visible from no less than 500 ft in normal sunlight (RCW 46.37.200 (2))

WA turn signals (rear)

red or amber light (RCW 46.37.200 (2))
visible from no less than 500 ft in normal sunlight (RCW 46.37.200 (2))

WA headlights

minimum 2, at least 1 on each side (RCW 46.37.040 (1))
height: minimum 24 inches, maximum 54 inches - measured from centerline to level ground (RCW 46.37.040 (2))
Any lighted head lamps upon a parked vehicle shall be depressed or dimmed (RCW 46.37.150 (4))
high beams - reveal persons and vehicles 450 ft ahead for all conditions of loading (RCW 46.37.220 (1))
low beams - reveal persons and vehicles 150 ft ahead, on straight level road under any loading. none of the high intensity portion of the beam shall be directed to strike the eyes of an approaching driver (RCW 46.37.220 (2))

WA additional forward lights

maxinum 2 additional forward lamps (in addition to headlights) which are greater than 300 candlepower each (RCW 46.37.270 (2))

WA cowl/marker lights

maximum 2 side cowl or fender lamps ... amber or white light without glare (RCW 46.37.210 (1))
maximum 1 running-board courtesy lamp on each side ... white or amber light without glare (RCW 46.37.210 (2))
may be flashed with turn or hazard warning signals - toward the front of a vehicle: amber, toward the rear: red (RCW 46.37.210 (4))

WA taillights (tail lamps)

minimum 2, at least 1 on each side, visible from 1000 ft at night or in inclement weather (RCW 46.37.050 (1))
height: minimum 15 inches, maximum 72 inches - measured from centerline to level ground (RCW 46.37.050 (2))

WA brake lights (stop lamps)

red or amber light (RCW 46.37.200 (1))
visible from 300 ft in normal sunlight (RCW 46.37.200 (1))
WA rear license plate (light)
white light, clearly visible from 50 ft to the rear (RCW 46.37.050 (3))
lit whenever the headlights or driving lamps are lit (RCW 46.37.050 (3))

WA reflectors (rear)

part of the taillamps or separate (RCW 46.37.060 (1))
height: minimum 15 inches, maximum 72 inches (RCW 46.37.060 (2))
visible at night from all distances within 600 ft to 100 ft when lit by high-beams (RCW 46.37.060 (2))

WA emissions

vehicles 5 through 25 years old need emissions inspection biannually. see reference for schedule. (WAC 173-422-031)
WA exhaust (noise)

illegal to modify exhaust to be louder than stock exhaust. Note: the law states that you cannot be fined for this unless "proper authorities" conduct a scientific test to prove your exhaust is louder than 95dB -- see citation for more info. (RCW 46.37.390 (3))

WA tires

no exposed ply or cord, either naked eye or when probed (RCW 46.37.425)
no bulges, bumps or knots "affecting the tire structure" (RCW 46.37.425)
tread depth must be greater than 2/32 inch (RCW 46.37.425)
cannot say "not for highway use" or "for racing purposes only" or similar (RCW 46.37.425)
no metal studs between April 1st and November 1st (RCW 46.37.420 (2))

WA lowering

lowest ground clearance should be greater than or equal to the height of the tire sidewall (the height from the roadway to the lowermost portion of any rim) (RCW 46.61.680)

WA license plates

front and rear plates required (RCW 46.16.240)
must be horizontal, minimum 1 foot, maximum 4 feet from level ground (RCW 46.16.240)
must be kept clean (RCW 46.16.240)

WA sound system

all sound system components must be securely attached (RCW 46.37.680)

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Its not fun following the rules! Hehe! J/K!


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I thik I'm screwed too, tint and exhaust. I wonder if they do like a CSI test on your exhasust. I hope they don't stick a bannana in it....I have no clue what that means but I just like to type
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