a. Your Item Description:
• I found a set of SAP bumpers with the lights and diffuser on a 2006 ZX4 (but they should fit everything but a wagon). They're light silver and in good condition. I'm not sure what my cost is yet, but if anyone is interested, I can get the parts and make them available. The person that has the car is parting it out (engine is blown) and asked if I could use any parts.
• There is also a SAP ZX4 rear deck spoiler.
• If nobody has a use for the kit, or if my cost is too high, I'll pull this notice on Wednesday the 13th of July.

b. Your Location
• The parts will ship from St. Louis, Missouri.

c. Your Asking Price
• The $1 quoted here is a placeholder. Obviously the kit will be priced according to my cost, labor, and shipping costs.
• The bumpers will not be split up. Take the front and the rear together.
• The spoiler can be sold/shipped separately.

e. Person placing ad
• You can call me Scott. That's my name.

f. Contact Information
• [Deleted after sale]

d. Any Related Photos (Optional)
• If anyone is interested, I can make the trip to take some pictures.