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Your Item Description: 2000 ZX3 – Malibu Blue, 5-Speed, coming up on 150k miles
Your Location: Tremont, IL (Close to Peoria, IL)
Your Asking Price: $3500
Any Related Photos: See Attached
Person Placing Ad: Jeremiah
Contact Information: [email protected] or Forum PM (will provide # as requested)

Been a fun ride, but the time has come for me to let this one go. We are moving at the end of the month and no matter how I slice it, everything gets easier with one less vehicle at the new place. If you promise not to tell my wife, I have been dragging my feet a bit with hopes of formulating some master plan to keep it – but have failed to do so. The other thing that has me on the struggle bus, is that no matter how hard I try to disconnect from the emotions of selling a project car, they keep creeping back in. Thus, I am hoping one of you knuckleheads will want it before she goes out the masses. I am not much of a post-hog and don’t even have a social media account, but that doesn’t discount the sheer amount of time I have spent PMing you guys questions and reading the wealth of knowledge available on this site. You have been great, so selling it to one of ya’ll is a win/win any way I look at it. And, it helps me sleep better at night. Alright, now that we are all done crying, let’s get on with it.

History Lesson: I picked this car up after at least two people realized they bit off more than they could chew and abandoned it. What kept me attracted was it has a new clutch with a “refreshed” transmission (I have no documentation to the actual work done), no rust, and someone made a sizeable investment in “stuffs” for it back in the day. Specifically:
  • Lowered with HPR springs
  • SVT brake conversion (Front & Rear)
  • 17” Motegi wheels
  • Tinted Windows
  • A pretty clean interior with some aftermarket audio
  • Some pieces to the (non-aftercooled) Vortech shaft driven V5F supercharger kit, and some other go-fast goodies.
Like an orphaned child, it tugged at my heart strings, I saw the hidden promise, and adopted it into our lives. Worst case, it was like trading a pocket full of money for a new clutch and a box of parts – what could go wrong? I will save you the long read and just say the direction I went was a mix of old and new stuff:
  • Leveraged the V5F blower kit with 35 pound injectors and converted it over to blow through.
  • Diablo MAFia
  • 65mm Throttle Body
  • Header
  • FS Werks Exhaust
  • Tuned by Tom (SCT Tuner comes with the car)
There were certainly many other tidbits along the way …such as all ignition parts are new, the goofy power steering line connection that comes from Vortech was re-plumbed with solid Earls parts….etc… happy to share anything I have done with a prospective buyer but will stress the bandwidth of the forum if I type it all out. The bottom line is that the routine maintenance is up to date and she even has fresh oil and filter – ready to roll on to a new, loving family.

Commonly Asked Questions:
Is it fast?
No. But I mean, will it outrun… No. If you have dreams and ambitions of running down your buddies in Coyote powered Mustangs – you are in luck! All it will take is some forged parts in your lower rotating assembly, bigger injectors, and a phone call to a reliable tuner. If that is not in your budget, then enjoy it for what it is – a sizeable bump in power over stock and an amazingly nimble little ride to jet around in during your COVID19 boredom.

Is there a discount available? Maybe. The amount of discount will be directly proportional to how quickly you are willing to buy (recall the move comment above), how well you read the ad, and how much ridiculousness that needs to be endured talking to you.

Does it have any issues? Define issue... When considering that you are increasing the pressure of the crankcase on an engine already known for leaking oil – you should expect to see a minor spot on the garage floor. The halo lights that came on the car like to haze over and require 60 seconds per lens with a PowerBall and Aluminum mag polish every 2-3 months to keep them looking good. While I know of no rust, the clearcoat is starting to show its age. How hard does one have to pick apart a 150k miles car in the name of full disclosure? Ask any questions you have.

Will driving this get me more dates? No, in fact, it will reduce the number of women who want to approach you. What it will do is attract the right kind of woman you are looking for and help streamline your dating process. Trust me, ladies who dig this car are marriage level material….

There has to be a catch – there is always a catch - will it run forever? I don’t know if it will run forever and there is no catch. What I do know is that I drive this car everywhere and have no qualms taking her on my frequent trips south to visit friends and family. However, like any career Instagram model, don’t let the stunning good looks fool you. She has some age on her and is no doubt holding some baggage that will surface down the road. The great news is that these cars have ridiculously cheap parts available so consider it an opportunity for future garage time and drinking brew for very little investment.




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