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New to the site but old to foci. I've just received my 2nd SVT focus after a 7 year hiatus. My first was a Infra Red 02 that I had great fun with. Open exhaust, programmer and KnN filter and several track days. Fun car but after 2 years and only being able to drive for about a year total because of repeated mechanical issues it was time to move on. I spent the last 7 years with Miata's and enjoyed every minute of it. I still intend to buy another in the future.

Current car is an 03 black SVT with 59k purchased for $2,500. It has 4 issues.

The paint, as per-usual for a car that is primarily outdoors in the high desert, is flaking.

It has the dreaded mysterious front end suspension clunk.

It still has the pre-tsb clutch.

And the Audiophile 6 disk changer stopped changing...

This is going to be my daily driver and kid-carrier car for now, with some spirited weekend driving on occasion.

My other vehicle right now is a 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300 purchased new in October with 0 miles on it.

It now has nearly 1900...

Ive been to several track days with NASA, Dai's drift academy, and a local group for Miatas at Horse theif mile at Willow Springs. Ive driven Porsche 924S' in anger on track along with the Focus, Miata, and a particularly nasty "go-kart" called a Formula Pacific. A 530lb, no suspension, 1000cc motorcycle engine monster capable of sub 1:20s on Big Willow (!) I pulled a 1:24 in my first 3 laps with it. In a poorly set up Miata with 120WHP on all-season tires at Horse Theif I was consistently in the 1.07s.

I have some complaints about the car on a design basis and was hoping to get some general recommendations from the experienced people on this site as I have been out of the focus game for too long.

I don't like how much movement there is in the drivetrain. It seems excessive, even from a comfort standpoint and mounts that are still in good shape.

The suspension seems to just need... MORE. Its under dampened, under sprung, and the sway bars seem soft. Don't even get me started on the rubber bushings!

I don't know what brake pads I have but wow... They have horrible release characteristics. Not progressive at all. With the driving I do I don't need heavy brake pads as I wont be getting them hot but really? Ide expect a street pad to be much more smooth!

I wont ask about mild power upgrades because I know THAT always is a subject that gets beaten to death on forums. Off road pipe, intake, exhaust and a tune and call it a day. Wont get anything more without getting into internals, which, personally, I don't want to do with a street car.

But yeah, that's me! Nice to meet you!
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