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Small meeting ...

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Okay guys ... Well, Trey and I were talking about doing a really small get together at my casa to work on the cars [bash] ... If you would like to join please come and visit. This meet will not be our big one ... YET ... Just something super small. Trey wanted to work on the car and I remembered that Paul did too, so ... I figured I would invite who ever wanted to come by that was close. A bigger meet is being conjured up as well. [idea]

It will be at my home: (Close to Sugarland)
12154 Huntington Venture Dr
Houston, TX 77099

TIME CHANGED : Saturday Nov. 1st from 9AM - 7PM

So, if you still would like to come and visit you are more than welcome. [:)]

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Ok well heres the question, what day is it? I wouldnt mind visiting and helping since i really dont know much about cars so maybe i could learn. Today im going to get an estimate on how much it will cost to paint my mirror caps and redo my side moldings so when i do visit those will be done.
its cool i might be able to make it out there
sounds good
cant wait for the next meet.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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