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So, last weekend i took a trip to DC, and another little gremlin appeard in my focus.

I'll preclude this by saying the fuel pump recall work was done october 14th 2005... so its probably ok.

Motoring down the highway, hit a hard bump in the road -> engine shuts off.

it happened ALOT on that POS PA turnpike, and was really quite scary the first few times; then it just got plain irritating. I have to shut the key off and restart the car, then it work perfectly fine again until the next random bump stalls the engine.
Seeing as it is quite dangerous at night (mainly because some knucklehead at ford decided the car should turn off the head lights when you turn off the key), I should probably find out how to fix this ASAP.

Some data i've accumulated about the issue;
- car is a 2000 zx3 with ~80k on the clock
- 5 spd manual
- it seems to do it more when its humid or raining
- speed doesn't seem to matter, its done it at 20mph and at 85mph
- it doesn't seem electrical, no lights (dash or otherwise) flicker when it happens
- i've saved it once by flooring it as soon as it started to die... but havn't been able to replicate that move.
- when it dies, it stutters once or twice, then *poof* the tach and speedo fall to zero, then back up to where they were and all the lights on the warning lights come on. (the time i saved it this freaky *WOW* "!" light on the left side of the pod came on.. never seen that before)

been searching the forums with no luck...
a guy at work said he had something almost identical happen to his old monte and it ended up being the mass-air-flow sensor.
Figure when its daylight i'll have to go out to the car and knock on the airbox with a wrench, see if it kills the engine... but i'm not sure what else to look at.

any ideas?

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check the plug on your coil. its a known issue that a wire breaks at the plug cutting power to the coil. ford now has a plug with wires so a new one can be spliced in.
may be that you hit a bump and the wire will open momentarily cutting power to the coil.
start the car and jiggle each of the four wires to see if itll do it.
one other thing to check is the plug to your ecu, should have a bolt holding it there.

only 2 things i can think right offhand

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also try resetting your fuel cutoff switch. i dont think this is the issue but cant hurt. it is the little button on the passenger side kick panel.
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