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Screaming Yellow '06 Focus SES ZX3 w/Street Appearance Package

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In real life the yellow is a bit darker than what appears here...

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dude, I love that color with the sap. If they made a zx3 st, I would had gotten that in yellow. Looks awesome, try not to get pulled over.

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Once the car gets past it's break-in point, the suspension should settle in and sit differently.

I'll pretty much go and get that rear bumper myself, since some A-HOLE damaged the driver's side of mine. Who in the hell would hit somebody else's car and not make an attempt to find out who's car they hit and just apologize???? Death to them all!!!

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LastRites said:
So how much did that SAP add to the price?
$1295 on the sticker...

total msrp = $19,575 which inclues dest/deliver, the SAP, auto trans, power moonroof, perimeter alarm, and 6CD/MP3 audiophile w/Sony speakers and sub in addition to all the comfy SES stuff...

btw, until July 1 there are $3000 worth of rebates on all foci, i think? and the dealer added about $1500 more, so got a pretty fair price...

am starting to think that maybe lowering this car would be a popular move?

which is funny because i traded in a F150 4x4 for this focus, so already feels plenty low to me!

here's a few more photos that show the moonroof ($625 sticker) and that 'diffuser':

note to ford: this car is great, but not real bike friendly: can't find a hitch that will work with it, or a rack that will work on that hatch over the spoiler (diffuser?)...


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The difuser we are talking about is the insert on the rear bumper. Now about a bike rack, umm I guess look to see if the kona edition focus bike rack will fit.
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