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My focus has been having intermittent rough starting issues.

This past week it had trouble turning over a few times, but would always start. Then the problem seemed to just go away.

Today I noticed the power was weak before starting the car (dim interior lights and odd sounds), but it did start fine enough.

I arrived at the post office. When I parked and turned off the car I realized that everything was completely dead... no power. I tried starting the car and nothing, just dead.

I decided to take care of my business inside the PO and then deal with the issue when I got back outside. Weird thing is, when I got back in my car everything was fine. Started up normally. Strange.

So I was assuming perhaps a battery or alternator issue, but then some scary stuff happened on the way home. I heard a grinding noise, only lasted a second, but didn't sound normal. Kind of like that noise if you were to try to turn the key to start after the engine is already going. 5 minutes later the car somewhat violently jerked back and it felt like it was going to stall, but then it recovered. It did this a few more times, but everything eventually seemed normal again and I made it home.

Any ideas what could be going on?

I know I need to get the battery and alternator checked. Although the battery isn't even a year old and the alternator has been changed within the last 2 years. Nonetheless, I know I should still get them checked.

However, I'm really worried about the car jerking and feeling like it wants to stall. Could all this be related?

The clutched was replaced last November.

~125k miles.

I'm really not too mechanically inclined with this car, so I'm curious what you guys might think is going on. I'm hoping I can get it to a mechanic within the next few days without having to get it towed.


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My guess is that you have a bad connection to your battery making this an intermediate problem. This makes obvious sense when considering you starting issues but can also lead to you driving issues. If the car's electrical system starts loosing power when driving, individual parts of the system will start shutting down resulting in all sorts of odd behavior. As soon as full electrical power returns, everything will operate as normal again.

Make sure both battery terminals are clean and and everything is tight on the battery. If the battery terminals are corroded, unhook them, dowse them in battery cleaner and scrub them really good. There's also a little wire that leads from the negative side of the battery to the fender; make sure that wire is in good condition.

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All problems from lack of electrical power-alt maybe dead, you probably don't have the few days mentioned, it usually shows the running jerks when on its' last ten minutes of running time. Possibly a battery cable short too, they can do that stuff with the starter. The cable often melts right at the starter junction. Go for battery connection quality first.
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