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saturday git togethers

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just seeing if it would be an ok thing to maybe have a lil git together on saturdays down at that quaker steak and lube down in milford by the showplace and all that other stuff you know... but lemme know?
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I thought you would drive the ST down...LOL

No that plan works for me, Have to get a hold of John but we will leave from his place Friday morning and it takes about 6.5 hrs from there. Get the car and drive part of the way back on Friday and the rest on Saturday..
Not bad, I actualy drove down to Toms and back within 24 hrs before.
i think we should hump it thursday night and if we get tired sleep in the car LOL if we stay at johns tell him to have that "clear drink ready". hehe
with some grape cool aid
dad is going to buy a car in NC. focus of course. you should take me down with you guys so I can go get it.
Hey why don't he buy are silver car! I have all the parts back and he can even repaint them if he wants. He can trade you bumpers and you can be ready to go!
i dont know. you will have to ask him.
damn... almost ready
shaun you still didnt say where in NC it is. LOL
while u guys are doing that i will be working and maybe i might put the fofo back together
You better get that car back together b/c its going outside when the SVT comes home!

BTW I had it running the other night and temp gauge when a little on the hot side before I shut it down. Maybe the thermostat was stuck? We might want to flush the cooling system and put a new thermostat in it!
i dont think my dad will be getting that focus....ill help phillip with your guys car
thanks and i will have to keep an eye on shaun so he dont steal parts lol like injectors
The only thing I would steal is the cams. Also the tweeters!
Hell you can have the tweaters, they are garbage! I messed those up weeks ago! How about we trade fenders!
yea and nick if we give away the tweeters wtf are we gonna stick in the wholes that they go in and o yea i would gladly trade fenders lol and front bumper lol o and shaun u got the injectors yet and are ya sure the plugs are not just bad or maybe u messed up the plug wires lol but no seriously
to tell you the truth. i really have no idea whats wrong with it. im just going off what my dad thinks. if it is a wire then im going to blow a fuse[rant]
41 - 60 of 74 Posts
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