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saturday git togethers

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just seeing if it would be an ok thing to maybe have a lil git together on saturdays down at that quaker steak and lube down in milford by the showplace and all that other stuff you know... but lemme know?
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and nick will have his car by sunday?
that voting thing is gay because of who is winning that car is like way different than a real eap svt
its cold today. i am at work about to fall
well i founf out today that i have one more year of bumper to bumper warrenty and 100K on the power tran. so i am good for awhile.
well what is the extra turbo? the same one?
It will be the same turbo that produced those numbers.
sweeeeeeeetnes when do we get it?[cheers]
Ok me and nick are leaving thursday night after i get off at work..
its pretty far drive that when we drive up i will be so bored but on the way home maybe it will not be as long since i will have a car to look at and plus i will be driving nicks other car i think.
i think we should hump it thursday night and if we get tired sleep in the car LOL if we stay at johns tell him to have that "clear drink ready". hehe
with some grape cool aid
shaun you still didnt say where in NC it is. LOL
nah i wouldn't worry about that you spent 3 times less on your car!!! well not really that much you get the point. LOL
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