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2003 Focus ZTW wagon that I use for a courier route. (250,000+ miles!!)
But really, this would apply to most any focus of the Mk1 design, maybe others.

I love listening to my portable/plug-in satellite radio, but the antenna sits up on the top of the dashboard, via a long thin antenna wire. This makes it more prone to signal loss than an exterior-mounted antenna.

My questions:

A) Has anyone found an after-market antenna mount for a Sirius/XM radio that fits the Mk1 Focus? Perhaps one that is combined or attached to the same FM radio antenna mount?? I previously replaced my standard FM antenna mast, so I am familiar with that easy project. (Hole is conveniently located above the dome/courtesy light fixture.)

B) In lieu of that, I am considering making another small hole right next to the existing antenna hole in the roof, but still covered by the standard antenna's mount. Then route the satellite antenna wire through the new hole. A small notch in the bottom of the standard FM antenna mount should let the satellite wire through, and I will mount the small satellite antenna (it's just a small "nub") right next to (or behind) the FM antenna mount. A liberal amount of weather-proof caulking should prevent water from getting in. Inside, I can then fish the satellite antenna wire above the headliner, and over to the passenger-side pillar-- following the same path as the FM antenna wire. Just need to get it down to the dash, and I should be "home-free" on getting it down to the floor area, to run to the portable satellite radio unit.

So that's what I am thinking, anyway. Just curious of anyone else's experiences.
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