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of driving without a sway bar end link on one side of the car??

i was attempting to remove the suspension on my car today to put in my stock stuff but as i was doing this one of the ball joint things on the endlink just kinda popped out..i was having a noise from that side of the car for awhile so this may be what was causing the noise.

i had the spring/strut out and i also realized that i wasn't gonna be able to complete this my self so i put everything back on but it's gonna be a few days before i can get the parts in and i need my car for those few days.

will it be bad to drive around without the end link on one side??

should i leave the end link attached to the strut or remove it completely??

also i was missing some [:)][:)][:)][:)][:)][:)]* from the stock suspension and some of those dampers were blow too so i'm gonna call up steve and order the SVT suspension as well as new endlinks and some other small things

good thing i'll only have to drive this POS for another week but i still need to fix it since my brother will be driving it.
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