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So you did it, you clicked on the post, looked at the pictures, and started to think, "this car is a piece of junk, why on earth would I want to buy it?"

I'll tell you why, but first I'll tell you why not. You won't buy it for the exterior, which is rusty pretty much everywhere, has lots of scratches and a few small dings. It shows that this little car has had a hard 12 years and ~220,000 miles of life, and all of it has been spent in Michigan and Illinois, constantly assaulted by salt every winter.

You won't buy it for the interior, which also shows that this little car has had a hard 12 years of life, some of it spend moving paint, which exploded onto the back seat into a pool of red almost like someone was shot there (that's not what happened, trust me).

You will buy this car for its good little heart on the inside. I myself have performed quite a bit of surgery on the heart of this car. In fact, in the last two years that I have owned it, it has gotten; a new clutch, new timing belt, new water pump, new starter, new spark plugs, new shift cables, new instrument cluster with tachometer, new ball joints, new tie rod ends, new wheels, new cone intake, newly repaired shifter base, new parking brake cable, new rear brakes, new bearings all around, new almost complete rear suspension which includes, lower control arms, upper control arms, shocks, springs, bushings, and polymer sway bar end links. There is probably some extra little stuff that I am forgetting that also got replaced

This good little heart inside the car will serve you well, and give you 32 or 33 mpg on the highway, and mid twenties around town. Additionally, the 5spd manual transmission will allow you to pretend that this car is fast, even though it has about a ten second 0-60 time. You can pretend it is a racecar, since it is even noisy like a racecar.

So those are the basics, but you probably still have some questions, like, "what is still wrong with this car?" Well basically there are some little things, like stuff being loose or trim being cracked, plus there is an exhaust leak that I've patched up with liquid metal stuff. Sometimes it causes the check engine light to go on and give a P0171 code, because not enough exhaust is getting to the O2 sensor. Other times the light is not on. Also there is a leak somewhere in the A/C system so the AC doesn't work. It hasn't worked the whole time I've had the car. Also the cruise doesn't work.

If you are wondering if I will sell this little car with a great little heart for $500 the answer is no. Cash only, no trades. If you are seriously interested in buying my car text me anytime 630-296-4464, but don't expect a response back right away because during the workday I usually don't hear my phone. If you call I'll answer the phone if I do hear it. Alternatively send me an email to my username at

Formalities. I gondorian am selling the car and it is located in Wheaton, IL. Asking $1500 (pretty firm).
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