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Wit Da Silva Bullit
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First and foremost, welcome.

This club was created to allow focus fanatics from all over the U.S. to get together and be a family. To not be judged or ridiculed based on your style.

Any generation, any style, get together and TAKE OVER!

Membership Requirements:

1. 300 Posts
2. 3 Months Active
3. Completed Scavenger Hunt
4. Approved by The Founding Fathers

When issued a number, the number decal will be need to be installed below the passenger's front headlight.

Now, you will notice three different types of memberships in our club.

2. Members (must complete scavenger hunt and minimum forum activity requirements)
3. Founding Fathers

Enjoy being amongst family, and overall remember, that you are...

One of Us.

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Not open for further replies.