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RT High flow Cat for svt header on zetch

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hey can someone messure the lenght of the cat from flange to flange??? thanks!

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weell since it curves up at the end, would you think this would work?
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right now im running on limited funds... im trying to do this all for under 150... make a high flow cat.

i got a 2.5' flex ready for it....just need the HF Cat

it looks like this would work, is this the RT cat?
no its not a RT cat, its a MAgnaflow SPun cat
should be a bolt on, but if your using the svt header you gunna have to cut and weld the cat to make it fit... since our's header, zetec, is like shorty header... you can imagine the lenght of hte cat and then the way to the flex....
toey. dont forget teh bungs for the 02 sensors. or are you jsut goung to cut those out of the stock piece and reuse the bungs? looks liek youve got some welding to do. have fun.

yeah i won't forget about the o2 sensors... i got 1 ready to go... just gota weld. and i need another 18mm nut for the 2nd sensor...

can someone recommend what kind of sensor i need for the one after the cat? the one before i got.. it came with the aem Air//fuel gauge kit.

then some flanges
Hey everyone, i just found this HFC on ebay, they arnt a name brand but it coems with a 5years/50,000 mile warranty.



This has 2.5" ends 11" long and 4" round Universal OBD II compliant.

Don't let your stock converter slow you down, If your looking to open up your exhaust flow and get some free Horsepower, these Cats are for you. I usually list all sizes in one auction but, this auction is for 2.5" only. If you would like a 1.75" thru 3.0", please see my E-Bay store.

These converters are some of the BEST in the Industry, They are made from T-409 Stainless Steel, can be polished, can be slip fitted, or welded, are compact and light weight, and out flow most other aftermarket converters, and lastly, have a 5 year / 50,000 mile warranty!

These converters are an exceptional value, offering better Performance and Flow, in some cases more than 50%, than comparable converters, and sometimes costing hundreds less...

The end veiw picture shows a standard flash light shining through the core, that's free flow capability. These converters light off quick and have a low pressure drop, they also dissipate heat better due to there design.

Don't be fooled by some other lower priced, welded together units, or some second rate knock off, these are OBD II compliant. Please do not be undersold by look alikes, if the deal is to good to be true, it is.

These are from a private label and are not Dynatech, or Dynomax, or Catco. These are made similar or better quality and are some of the finest I have ever installed, I'm a satisfied customer myself and that is why I don't mind supporting the product.

If you would like a different size, other than what is listed, Please see my EBay store before ordering. I have all sizes available from 1.75" to 3.0", for the same price, depending on current stock. Please if you have any questions at all ask. Thanks again, Dean.

The only thing its, there isn't a bend in it.... not like hte magnaflow spun cat.
place your input people...
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1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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