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Rough Idle, gas smell through vents, powdery residue on spark plugs

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Hey everybody I have a 2011 Focus with roughly 66k on the odo. Automatic. I Have a few issues that may or may not be related and haven't had luck finding out info pertaining to these all happening at once.

I have a rough Idle ~700 RPM

Fuel Smell coming through vents when stopped with air/ heat on

Took spark plugs out and one had powdery orange residue on the top and around the boot.

When accelerating from a rolling start, transmission doesn't grab smoothly and almost clunks into gear. When shifting from 2nd into third the tranny seems to overdrive for a bit longer than any other gear change.

Any thoughts on any of these issues will be an awesome help. Thanks again
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Use the dialectric grease on the plugs to keep the moisture out...that's what's turning them orange with rust.

As Sailor mentioned, check the boot connectors...with moisture in there, you might well have some corrosion that's interfering with the smooth flow of electricity, causing a tiny misfire but not enough to throw a code.
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