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Rough Idle at Cold Start, Especially in Reverse

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Hey all,

My 2002 ZX5 is having an issue where after a cold start, the engine idles very loudly/roughly until I start driving, but especially in reverse gear its super loud and the vibration is really rough.

I've searched around here & several google searches and have seen a few different possibilities for the issue including motor mounts, idle air control valve, MAF, EGR, etc.

Has anyone else experienced this and if so, what was the solution?

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Sounds like you might have both; ruff idle & bad motor mounts. Bad idle makes the bad motor mounts seem even worse.

If bad, replacing motor mounts is fairly easy and many people do it at home.

Ur in Chicago, so there should be several shops close by that might offer some free diagnosis time? Having a pro put his/her hands on ur car is better than most FF here can guess at -or it helps people here give you even better advise on how to move forward.

If old, replacing the 3 engine/trans mounts is a great investment.
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