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So works awesome.

Have some pictures/some direction.

First I called their 800 number. They are very helpful. They can also with your year/make/model/engine give you the exact switch settings for all 12 switches instead of figuring it out yourself (not hard just I wasn't sure on the close/open and on low/mid/high). Besides the pictures they list you get a bag of hardware.

So now for some pictures. Find a place to mount the servo in your engine area avoiding above alternator and exhaust manifold. I found a great place near my battery, that I tapped into these holes that where already there holding the battery. Pictures explain better.

Then you want to run the cable over to your throttle. Now I've seen many 00-04 focus engines and have never seen what I have on mine. There is a metal tube next to the accelerator cable. Most focus's that year have another circle hole. The kit comes with a nice clip adapter that's square, you just have to cut the corners a bit and snaps in easy. Mine was more difficult.

I picked up a few washers decently thick, 1/4" circle inside, 1" in diameter. I dremeled a slot into the metal tube. Cut one of the washers into a rectangle shape and dropped it into slot. Wound a nut that comes with kit far up the cable, put on another washer, stuck cable into tube through cut washer, wound another nut onto very end just so a bit of the black pokes over the nut, pulled back to cut washer and tighetened other nut down. Pictures:

Now the adapter for the ford's clips on hard. I had to have someone hold the throttle open so I could put all my force onto it to get it on. It's a very small area to work with on my car anyways.

Now we used a 3/8" drill bit and drilled between where the hood release goes through and a bolt. THere was nothing on the other side. 3/8's is not big enough for the 2 connectors to fit through, we had to wobble it a bit because we couldn't find our 1/2" bit at the time. Once both connectors are through, pull the covering through over the wires.

Now in my focus, I don't have a tach and the guys at the 800 number said that with my car the tach off the ignition coil can cause problems with this, so told me to ground it. I ground it on one of the screws that's grounded holding in the fuse box on drivers side.

Then I ran the grey VSS wire over to the passenger side, around console, under glove box. Kick panel passenger side. White/blue or white/purple, 28 pin. It's 13th pin on the middle connection set.

I only had white purple. I dont know if people will have both white/blue white/purple.

Then I drilled a 3/8" hole in the case around steering wheel and attached the switch. I angled it so you can see it through the steering wheel.

Then I wired up the 2 brake hot/cold and wire tied everything under the console under steering wheel.:

Couldn't really get a good picture of it.

But that's it. I had help with my dad. He has good idea's that I wouldn't see right away. Originally I was going to put 1 washer on bottom/top of that tube, but it wasn't enough to bring throttle wide open. THe cable was too close. So he's the one who thought about cutting notch to pull it farther away. Also, I was originally going to bend bracket to mount on car, even though I had it in that generally area, he's the one that came up with tapping one of those holes and using a bolt purchased at local hardware store to mount it.

Also if you only have 3/8" hole, it's helpful to have someone underneath being able to tell other person which way to rotate it so it slides in because of clips.

With dinner thrown in between prolly took 3.5hrs.

Be careful when threading the cable. It tends to want to rotate with the nut so it also helped to have a second pair of hands to hold cable to keep it from kinking.

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Hello. could you send me or shere here the 12 dip correct position setup?

Kind regards
Janne Niemimaa
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