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Roots vs Turbine type SC’s

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What are the pros & cons of Roots vs Turbine type SC’s?
e.g. FS/VF vs PW.
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dont compare those two, the best base for comparison is the procharger and powerworks..
procharger-blow off valve sound, takes more rpm to get in the sweet spot, overall different sound, more upgradeable
powerworks-s/c whine, more lower rpm grunt

thats pretty much it, it just all depends on where you want your power, an eaton will beat a centrifugal sc off the line but the procharger's have better top end, this is why all serious modding cobras all upgrade to prochargers/vortechs, because theres only so much availability out of the roots style compared to the centrifugal
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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