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Just thought I would try to save others the headache that I had to go through with replacing the Duratec RMS (rear main seal). You actually can't purchase the "seal" by itself, the RMS is sold as an assembly, meaning it's already pressed into the metal panel that mounts to the engine block. Although there isn't much info that has been posted on these forums regarding the RMS, the one bit of advice I always found was to only use the OEM RMS.

Well~ from my own findings, it really doesn't matter whether you purchase one that's OEM or aftermarket because the seal assemblies are all the same; however only the OEM assembly will come with the tool needed to properly install the RMS.

After going through 3 aftermarket RMSs (1 fel-pro, 2 napa) and not being able to stop the oil leak coming from the rear of the engine, I finally decided I would try an OEM RMS. To my surprise, there was a tool that came with the OEM RMS that allows you to install the RMS over the crank with the lip of the seal facing inwards (correct installation). Without this tool you will end up with the lip of the seal facing outwards (WRONG installation). It's shameful that not even the Haynes manual makes mention of this important piece.

So~ the moral to this story is that if you already have the installation tool, you can save yourself about $40 and purchase an aftermarket RMS, however if you don't have the tool then you will need to spend an extra $40 on the OEM RMS.
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