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I'm down to brass tacks on this car and at this point the only thing that makes sense is my RH engine mount....only thing looks beautiful, doesn't appear to be allowing the engine to move excessively and it isn't leaking oil.

I've heard all the typical stories about vibrations and oil leaks, etc from this thing when it fails but before I just chuck a part at this thing I am looking for anyone who can confirm that replacing the mount has resolved similar symptoms....

Rattle/clunk noise over bumps. Felt in floorboard. Seems to be coming from the RH side. ONLY HAPPENS IF ENGINE SPEED IS >2700RPM. Absolutely no suspension issues or wear whatsoever. Just replaced the dogbone mount because it was bad and pinching my clutch line on hard engine braking. Newer front springs, isolators and bushings. New moog sway links (replaced recently for actual sway bar noises). The engine speed thing is what makes this so odd. I've diagnosed hundreds of suspension issues, dozens of powertrain isolation issues....but I've NEVER seen a clunk over bumps that would only happen if the engine was reved a certain speed. If I clutch in or go into neutral the noise goes away. But, even if I'm in neutral or clutch disengaged the noise will come back if I rev the motor up. I found only one similar thing on focaljet but his description wasn't the greatest...

Anyone here ever resolve similar issues by replacing the RH mount? I'm gonna stick one in regardless because there is absolutely nothing else under there even remotely worn or likely... just looking for some confirmation that I'm not shooting in the dark here....
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