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rev hang issue

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well pretty self explanitory. I find when i slow down my rev's will hang at like 15-1800 rpms until after a couple seconds of being stopped then it will drop to its normal 800 ish rpm idle. Mods are in my sig. Never happened before i had the cams put in. I did do a search but no real difinitive answer. I did see some people say clean the MAF but i figured id throw this to you guys and see what you think.
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what about it? does it need to be replaced? can this also affect the performance of the car?
should i clean it similar to the way you would clean a MAF? i read about that in the how-to section..
double post....
yea i am starting to think there may be a vacuum leak and i will check for that.
Now i have never really understood PCV. you think you could give me a quick break down on the system and what may be wrong with it?
i guess no one has any more input??
regarding adjusting the cam gears i did an old fashioned seat of my pants approach. And it worked rather well (picked up 3/10 in the quarter mile, and just feels/sounds healthier). I didnt see the sense in paying the dyno time especially now that i bought the JRSC, so they will have to be dialed in all over again (though not by da silva racing thats for sure).
mlb thanks for explaining that to me. The thing is the CEL light is not on but i suppose i could connect the xcal2 to see if its throwing and codes. Tell you the truth the rev hanging isnt all that bad, but its might still be worth looking into.
Thanks for the replies guys you have been alot of help
i do have a cai.... will check it out
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