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In July., wen I took my Focus in to get it smogged, the smog place was offering a free car wash (which is part of the smog store), but when I took up the offer, the attendant at the smog building warned me that the automated car washing machine might damage or tear off my mirrors, noting that the ones in the Focus are easy to break. So, I didn't get it washed in the automated car wash.
Then, in August, while driving in Tijuana on a narrow hilly street, some car going the other way broke off the driver's side mirror. So, I attached it with black electrical tape (because my car is black).
Then today, while driving down a narrow mountain road, I had to swerve out of the way for a truck going uphill, and I hit a trash can with my passenger side mirror. It, too, is now broken off. I also taped that with the same black electrical tape.

Instead of replacing both mirrors with aftermarket ones, I want to know if I can replace them with foldable, power mirrors, such as those with (I think) are the SVT ones.
Are these mirrors interchangeable or not?

Any advice on how to fix them so they won't get torn off again.

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