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Pectel engine management systems has an ecu called the T2.
After a little research they have a T10 on the Focus rally car.
A buddy of mine replaced his ecu with this on his zx3.
replaced fuel injectors,a couple sensors,added a couple sensors,fuel pump,and
part of his stock engine harness.It's like a whole different car now. This is another mod that will void any warranty just like every thing else SVT and Ford could cry about. The only thing that seemed to me as a down fall was the fact I see him constantly fine tuneing it, or maybe he's just wanting to rub it in my face that he can fine tune it. what ever the case I want one but the svt has a v.c.timeing and I don't know if it will work on my car and pectel won't email me if it will work or not.
Any one know of any other manufacturers or know if it will work for the svt also?
Thanks for any info.
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