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Tried posting another thread but it never appeared after 24 hours so doing another.

I bought a 2010 4 door SE in excellent condition w/ 49k with rear damage. Trunk was hit by a taller vehicle that struck above the bumper dead-center, pressing in the trunk area, and bending the bumper bar "up and in" a little bit. Airbags did NOT deploy. Airbag lights work (on with key, off after starting) and car came directly from the insurance company at auction and still has body shop "X's" so appears untouched.

Bumper bar is still attached but bent up slightly at the mounts and will be replaced after using it to pull out the crumple zone. Trunk lid will be replaced as will the bumper cover and rear lights. Pretty straight forward.

However, I'm unsure how to deactivate the air bag impact sensors before pulling out the rear trunk and bumper area. What's the procedure on a 2010 SE?
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