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For those following- I've been trying to locate a Focus SEL (2012) or even base Titanium for the past few weeks here in Ca. and have been very unsuccessful. I have even started to consider looking for a different car other than a Focus as I really can't wait the 6 weeks.

Turns out I needed a car this weekend- and Enterprise had the Focus SE Hatch for $25 a day. So I went for it.

My take so far and I'll add to this in the next day or 2.

- I'm really liking the way the Focus drives. It's a fun car. Sporty handling yet a very comfortable ride.
- MPG: I got an incredible 48 today on the freeway, no traffic about 20 min of driving at 70 with AC at 2. (or so the built in computer told me) Been averaging 29 so far overall with city and highway.
- The car is almost hybrid like in how quiet it is at lights. My GF actually thought we were in the Prius (Which I have also been considering) and was confused when I told her it was the Ford.
- The site lines of the car are great. The side mirrors are very big and the added blind spot mirrors makes this the best car for seeing around you IN have tested. Also inside the car lots of windows allow you to see all around you.
- The lights at night- May take some getting used to. They are very blue and almost too many of them. I am coming form a Mazda 6 so I am used to the reddish/orange-so it's taken some adjustment. The fact that everything lights up such as the window controls are almost too much for me. I like a little bit of a darker cockpit at night.
- The interior light when you open the door is crazy bright! Which is a great thing.
- I really like the seats- this is a very base SE- but even on this they seem very durable. Although my back did bother me a bit- I thought it was because of the bucket seats- (the sides are pretty close in) I'm not a big guy at 5'8 155 but I did feel a bit constricted by the seats but my GF said they bothered her as they were too hard. She is used to the more cushy seats of her RAV 4 and she may be right. We just got a new bed- and it was too hard and killed my back so bad we returned it. I'm hoping its not the same problem with the Ford seats- but something to think about.
- The car is a little low. I guess I'm used to a bigger car like the Mazda6. I like to ride as high as possible- even with the seat all the way up- it still feels like I am in a low car. Not as low as my '96 Acura Integra- but it is making me miss bigger cars a bit.

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