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Removable mods- to get around that warranty issue

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So I have a rather moderate plan for modding my new focus laid out, but I put it on hold due to concerns about voiding the warranty. I had wanted a 2.5" exhaust, a new intake, and a lowering kit. And they might all still happen one day- the turbo is in the distant future as well.

But that day might come sooner (except for the turbo), if I receive the answer I'm hopin for here.

I know an intake is easily removable back to stock, and changing the shocks/struts assembly back and forth is easy albeit a pain in the ass, but what about the exhaust? Can one readily switch the 2.5" and the stock interchangeably? I know the flanges all bolt up but I thought I recalled reading a how-to thread where you needed to use some sort of adhesive or sealant on the exhaust...and a hacksaw to remove it =-o

Mind you my car is brand new and has no rust so if it is designed to be modular and removable without a hacksaw I can surely do that. I haven't exactly looked yet, I'm having too much fun driving it right now.

Another factor to consider... issue #2...
If I bring the car in for NON-warranty maintenance to my dealership, would they record the fact that it's been modded, or would I need to change those parts out every single time it gets maintained? Because that might be a bit of a drag.

Reminder of Ford warranty policy: it specifically states that it does not cover damage CAUSED by any modification to the vehicle but does not expressly prohibit modification. Removing the modifications, however, will pretty much remove that factor from the equation... they'd never know I did them.

NOTE: I have the 100k warranty not the 36k... so waiting til 36 won't happen
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Well luckily my parents have bought like 4 cars from this dealer (that's how we got the SES coupe for literally 16k from 21k msrp) and of course we know the service manager really well.

thanks for your answers. I won't have any qualms about it anymore... so now it'll be a question of when i can afford each part. I'm starting with the exhaust.
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