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As I posted just a couple of days ago, I just picked up my '18 SE Sedan. As part of the deal I had them throw in the factory remote start. It seems like this has done something the car doesn't like. When I use the remote start and drive, once I park and get out of the car and lock it it gives a series of short beeps (like confirmation beeps but not). I couldn't get it to reproduce at the dealer but...
I brought it in to the dealer and they reset the computer to the build specs (went by VIN) and deleted the remote start from the system. They couldn't get the problem to repeat (no $h!7) so I told them of their error. They re-downloaded the software and restored the remote start. It started fine (it was also not starting on the first attempt) so I drove home and lol locked it. Only to have the horn start it's beeps.
I know the answer here will be "take it to the shop" and intend to. Just looking for insight or maybe a reference where I can see what the beeping combination means.

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