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Hi Guys,
I'm new here and also new to Focus. Am from Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.
I got my 1st Focus Nov 2014, manufacturing from Thailand. It is hatchback 2.0, model is "Focus Sport +" or betweeen SE or Titanium Hatch in US market. it is a keyless entry with push stop/start button.

Ford isn't strong in the Market here, and Ford is not directly setting up their shop here but thru a distributor call "Sime Darby". I must say, the support wasn't really pleasant.

Due to lack of optional kits, I bought my DRL and Remote Start from Amazon, my DRL already installed (without the full function, and not by Ford Service Center) but I still having issue getting my Remote Start to install.

Ford Service Center here refuse to install both my DRL and Remote Start (even it's is Ford accessorries), as they "affraid" it my make my car acting funny and also have them install will void my warranty. And they seemd does not have a dealership access with Ford... (hmm... this is interesting..[dunno])

OK... too far from topic, I order the remote start from amazon, order item is CM5Z-19G364-D, but CM5Z-19G364-F being shipped (the shipping item however still indicate it is a CM5Z-19G364-D), I done some research b4 making a replacement order with amazon but not quite success.
Some site saying CM5Z-19G364-F is replacement of CM5Z-19G364-D, but Ford website or source from Ford web does not saying at all, CM5Z-19G364-F is clearly state for C-MAX. However, as I was doing google.... some site (specially online shop) saying CM5Z-19G364-F is the replacement for CM5Z-19G364-D... soo... is anyone knowing this?

Also, Ford Accessories does not include installation manual or guide in the package, and I seems unable to find any installation guide over the web for CM5Z-19G364-D, but i can see plenty for CM5Z-19G364-A, CM5Z-19G364-B and CM5Z-19G364-C. Is anyone here got a clue or helping me getting 1.... please~~~~

OK.... for short version
1. is CM5Z-19G364-F can be use in a Focus 2014 MK3?
2. is anyone have installation guide and programming guide for CM5Z-19G364-D and CM5Z-19G364-F (if CM5Z-19G364-F can be use for Focus MK3).

Thanks in advance everyone.
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