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I recently took in my car because the window regulator went out.

NOTE: Before i dropped it off the keys remote would open and close all locks in the car.

After picking up my car i found that inside buttons on driver side did not activate the locks or windows on the Passenger Side. The passenger side buttons worked fine.

I leave my car at the shop because these things do not work now and the next day i am called back with the service guy saying my window actuator is out and that it was not caused by anything they did.

The thing that confuses me is the KEY REMOTE worked before dropping the car off.

Could this be a coincidence?

They say they couldn't have done anything to it while working on the regulator but i don't believe them as it seems too odd that this goes out at same time i drop off my car for a similarly related issue.

Can a window regulator cause an actuator to go out?

Thanks in advance, great site btw. Nice community!

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Simply put, yes.
They have to remove the door panel to access the regulator. That involves disconnecting power from the power lock switch and the power window switch.
It is conceivable that they did not disconnect the battery and grounded out the circuit, or wiring was misrun and got caught and grounded out. Either could cause problems in the circuit, though a fuse should blow first.

A nice shop would re-do the work and call the regulator defective.

It could all be coincidence, but I'd say odds are against it.
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