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Hello guys,
I was wondering if you can help me with something.
First of all I'd like to find out more info about my car.
For that I was wondering if you or someone from you has the possibility to give me a history report for my VIN: 1FAFP33P81W159112
I saw that on that that guy gives this kind of detalis BUT only for BMW and I was wondering if you can help me on this, too (free of charge, of course)
Second, regarding the complains I've read on the internet, for this Focus from 2001...are they true?....I mean is it such a bad car?...should I be sorry for buying it?....because at the beginnig it was saying that it's the 2001 world's car...and after doing some research by internet...i could find out only bad things regarding it....are they true or not?

Thanks in advance...I really apreciate your help.
Best regards,
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