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Click here for the:
"How to: QuickLIFT Hood Struts"

There are two kits HoodQuickLIFT and HoodQuickLIFT Elite, but the '05+ focus only comes in the "Elite" (Polished) kit.

Purchased from a fellow RPS member (Ranger Site); "underdog", at

You know that 2005+ prop-rod sux. It's an annoyance, it's ugly and it's not exactly easy to use. Well, this kit gets rid of it (or you can leave it for emergencies).

I ordered the kit and received it in a matter of days, expertly packaged (it came with a black kit for my son's '06 Ranger!). I inventoried the parts to find everything was in order. The directions are the best I have seen to date; 100% full color, great pictures, tool list, and a full manual (it cheapens them to call them instructions!) that is so well written and photographed, it made the task far less "scary" that it seems.

HIGHLY recommended, great customer service, fast delivery and an outstanding product.
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