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1. Has anyone thought about making the rear quarters pop out? I know it has been done to some Opel GT's like mine. Just wondering.

2. I have been told that I can put the radio control arm on the steering wheel from a "premium" focus or svt, but the ford parts guy told me not, anyone know the truth? Obviously mine wasn't originally equipped, but i do have the blaupunkt h/u.

3. It really bothers me that I can't find my air filter, its not in that big black box so where is it? I know it lasts 100,000 miles but I still want to know where it is!

4. Does anybody else have problems with a nasty trail of dried up washer fluid on their hatch? Seems like I heard somewhere that it leaks.

5. Took my focus in for warranty service on the brakes and there was a TSB for rear damper(dampening) weights not sure now, anybody know about this?

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